Antigua at Town Center

Owner's Responsibility

Please use this page as guidance and refer to your

Rules and Regulations and official notices

found on the document page for complete information.


Trash is picked up Tuesday and Friday (recycling Friday).

Trash must be kept in closed plastic trash bins that may be

put in front of your garage after 6:00 PM on the night before pickup

Trash bins must be brought in and stored inside by the night of pick up.

(Please refer to your Rules and Regulations for more information).

Please make appointment with Waste Management before putting out bulk.


Maintain House Exterior

Roof repairs and replacement.

Windows and doors. 

Keep patios clear from clutter, clean patios, porches and steps to remove mildew/dirt.

Maintain exterior lighting - using the lantern and light bulb specifications

as established by the association. No living room furniture or hammocks are allowed on porches and/or patios.

Maintain Driveways

Repair pavers as needed, clean driveway to remove dirt/mildew/stains and spray weeds.


Fire System

Inspected once per year; repairs required inside.


Cable, Internet, Water and Electric

At owner's expense.

NO Gas Grills On the Patios

Gas grills are allowed to be used on owners' driveway and stored in garage.


No Items are Allowed to be Hung over Railings

Visual Nuisances

No towels or laundry may be hung out to dry on railings or racks on balconies.

All toys, bikes, shoes and miscellaneous personal property must be brought inside when not in use. Hammocks, bounce houses and waterslides are not allowed on any HOA lands. It is forbidden to litter cigarette butts on any grounds.



All signs and brackets must conform to the established guidelines and require prior approval by the Architectural Control Committee.

(Contact Antigua HOA Office for information).

Allowable Businesses

72 specifically designated Live/Work Townhouse units (located on Main Street, East Main Street, West Main Street and Cades Bay) allow for the owner to reside within and conduct commercial activity. Allowable businesses can be found in the attached PDF below. Owners of the remaining Antigua units may solely carry on Computer/Internet related business within the unit, provided it does not generate any retail traffic to the unit and is in compliance with any and all laws and regulations and does not violate any terms or conditions set for the Antigua at Town Center Declaration or the Master Declarations.  

Vehicle Restrictions

No parking or storage of commercial vehicles, vehicle with commercial markings or vehicles with scaffolding, ladders or other work-related equipment are allowed upon any lands including driveways in the HOA. Parking those vehicles in your garage, with the garage door closed is allowed.


Vehicles may not be parked in the community or be otherwise used on property within the community that are loud or the sound of which causes and unreasonable source of annoyance to the residents. Example: Loud motorcycles or cars with loud mufflers.

No parking or storage of  boats, boat trailers, campers, trailers, commercial vehicles or recreational vehicles are allowed upon any lands including driveways in the HOA


No repairs to any and all boats, trailers or vehicles shall be made on any lands in the HOA including driveways except repairs made for emergency purposes such as to repair a flat tire.


Only vehicles bearing current license tags which are operable without assistance shall be permitted to be parked or stored on any lands including driveways in the HOA.




Keep your dogs leashed.

Ordinances from the Town of Jupiter as well as the HOA state that you must pick up after your pet. Please be respectful of your neighbors. The Town will fine residents who do not curb and clean up after their pets.

Dogs must be kept on a leash when outside of the residence. A pet may not be left unattended or unsupervised outside.


No pets are allowed in the pool area. 

No more than 2 dogs or cats may be kept. Pets must be kept in a manner so that they do not become an annoyance or nuisance to residents in the community.

The 2 dogs cannot exceed 150 pounds in the aggregate (combined) weight

and any 1 dog may not weigh more than 100 pounds. 

The pool area is intended for the quiet use of all Antigua residents.


Pool hours:

 Dawn to Dusk

No life guard on duty - Swim at your own risk.

Guests must be accompanied by an owner.

Owners are responsible for the action of their guests and guests's children.


Pool gates must be kept shut and locked.

Do not open the gate for anyone who is not your guest.


No diving or jumping in the pool.

Running, diving, pushing or boisterous play is not permitted

in the pool or on the pool deck.

A shower must be taken prior to entering the pool.

Proper bathing attire must be worn.


Animals are not permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.

Balls or flotation devices are not allowed in the pool.

Approved safety rings or water-wings for non-swimmers are permitted.


No parties at the pool area.

Food or drinks are not permitted in or within five (5) feet of the pool.

No glass at the pool area.

Food and beverages must be in  non-breakable containers.

No alcoholic beverages permitted.

No smoking in the pool area.

Pool furniture may not be removed from the area.

No furniture is allowed in the pool.


Voices must be kept at a low volume.

Electronic devices such as radios must be used with a headset.

Maximum bathing load is 42 persons


Surveillance cameras in use.

**Owners who are delinquent in maintenance assessments, have open violations or failure to abide by posted pool rules will have their FOB key deactivated and will not be able to access the pool area until they are in compliance.