Antigua at Town Center


Maintenance Fee Includes:

Landscape Service

Mowing, Trimming, fertilizing, tree trimming, plant replacement and mulching.


Fire System

Monitoring, quarterly inspections. annual backflow testing/inspections

and repair of the common area lines and the main panels and systems.



Annually clean and seal gutters and repair if needed.



Clean roofs to remove dirt and mildew.

House Exteriors

Paint exterior of homes to include front doors and garage doors.

Pressure Cleaning: Sidewalks and paver crosswalks.


No more than 2 dogs or cats may be kept.


Pets must be kept in a manner so that they do not become

an annoyance or nuisance to residents in the community.


The 2 dogs cannot exceed 150 pounds in the aggregate (combined) weight

and any 1 dog may not weigh more than 100 pounds. 

Vehicle Restrictions

No parking or storage of commercial vehicles, vehicle with commercial markings or vehicles with scaffolding, ladders or other work-related equipment are allowed upon any lands including driveways in the HOA. Parking those vehicles in your garage, with the garage door closed is allowed.

No parking or storage of  boats, boat trailers, campers, trailers, commercial vehicles or recreational vehicles are allowed upon any lands including driveways in the HOA.

72 specifically designated Live/Work Townhouse units (located on Main Street, East Main Street, West Main Street and Cades Bay) allow for the owner to reside within and conduct commercial activity. Allowable businesses can be found in the attached PDF below. Owners of the remaining Antigua units may solely carry on Computer/Internet related business within the unit, provided it does not generate any retail traffic to the unit and is in compliance with any and all laws and regulations and does not violate any terms or conditions set for the Antigua at Town Center Declaration or the Master Declarations.  


An Abacoa POA estoppel is required for all sales. To download an APOA estoppel request form visit the Resources tab on

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