Antigua at Town Center


Rental Contracts

 HOA Approval is necessary.

No owner shall lease his or her home without prior approval of the association. The approval requires an HOA application attached in the documents icon below or at


All prospective tenants must be listed

on the lease and in the application.

All Prospective tenants must attend a Rules and Regulations orientation before lease approval. Approval of a proposed lease will not be granted while an owner is delinquent in the payment of any assessments or financial obligation to the Association. 

It is the landlord's responsibility to notify the Association of an upcoming lease renewal, and supply the new lease to the Association.

The Declaration of Covenants and restrictions allow for eviction of tenants, guests and invitees who create a nuisance, unreasonable and continuous source of annoyance to the residents, willfully damage common area or violate any provisions of the Declaration, Articles or By-Laws of the Association.