Antigua at Town Center

All residents of Antigua at Town Center enjoy their lovely clubhouse and pool area and picturesque central green. As a part of Town Center, the additional shops and restaurants of Downtown Abacoa are a short walk up Main Street.

Antigua is a 280 unit community of which 72 units are designated work/live. It is reminiscent of a time when people lived above their business. Commercial enterprise is permitted on the first floor with family life on the upper levels. Live/work units are on Main Street, West Main Street, East Main, and Cades Bay with strictly residential units making up the remainder of Antigua.

Hammocks, bounce houses and water slides are not allowed on any HOA lands. Toys, bikes, and misc. personal property must be brought inside when not in use. No living room furniture or hammocks on porches or patios.

No laundry or towels to be hung on railings or racks on balconies.